Just an Ordinary Lawyer

Just an ordinary lawyer promotional picture
Sunday 24 September : 7.30pm
Monday 25 September : 7.30pm

He is Britain’s first Black judge, a fine singer and keen cricket lover.

Just an Ordinary Lawyer is a “brilliantly put together history lesson delivered as art.”

Tickets : £13.50

Lucy, Lucy & Lucy Barfield

Lucy, Lucy & Lucy Barfield Promotional Picture
Tuesday 26 September : 7.30pm
Wednesday 27 September : 7.30pm

A show about finding the real Lucy from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Tickets : £12

Mrs Roosevelt Flies To London

Mrs Roosevelt flies to London Promotional Picture
Thursday 28 September : 7.30pm
Friday 29 September : 7.30pm

One-woman show exploring the public and hidden life of one of the most extraordinary women of the 20th century.

Performance length approximately 75 minutes followed by post-show Q&A

Tickets : £12

Jane Eyre : An Autobiography

Jane Eyre : An Autobiography Promotional Picture
Monday 13 November : 7.30pm
Tuesday 14 November

Charlotte Bronte’s gothic classic distilled for the stage in this 5-star one-woman show.

Tickets : £14.50