Captain Of The Lost Waves

Captain Of The Lost Waves

Captain Of The Lost Waves


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Thursday 17 May : 7.30pm

Tickets : £12

Friends' Early Bird Price : £11
when booked at least 28 days in advance

A fun-filled, optionally-interactive, music hall inspired, storytelling-fuelled folk opera – every show is different!

The Captain Of The Lost Waves show has been described as a “Pixar-esque journey”, keeping all suitably stimulated in a variety of medium and moods.  A timeless troubadour, creating a concoction of music and interactive, intuitive performance … no gig is ever the same.   Where sweet black cabaret meets a healthy dollop of vaudeville.  Replete with an equal measure of joy, pathos and profundity it must be seen to be believed.

The Captain of the Lost Waves is a nu vaudevillian music and storytelling fuelled folk opera, taking its inspiration from music hall fused with the modern twist of an intergalactic time detective’s travels ….

If you like to be actively involved* in a show and not merely be another bystander, then please come forth; if you like something which is uniquely different every time and is joyously anarchic and highly unpredictable, then please come forth. If you like defying the norms of social convention and enjoy laughter and fun-fuelled rebellion and reflection in equal measure, then please do come forth.

For this performance, The Captain, on voice, bouzouki and ukulele, will be accompanied by ‘Muzwell the Mute’, accordion alchemist.

* Be as passive or engaged as you wish … a Captain show prides itself on people being who they are, there are no prescribed orders here … so be as quiet as you like, or holler in abundance in the appropriate sections.

Join us for a musical evening with a difference